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Bisexual Non-binary
Polyamorous Passions Members

  • wisdom2424
  • Just Curious Honestly
  • Hey y'all! My name is Wisdom, I'm 20, bisexual, and in a committed, monogamous relationship with my very loving girlfriend. I'm here because even though my girlfriend and I aren't really the poly types, I've always been really curious about polyamory; especially knowing that every poly relationship has its own dynamics? As a naturally curious person, this is one of the things that really intrigue ...
  • 20 years old | Goldsboro, NC, USA

  • kitlyn
  • I'm a writer, artist, and editor who shares a bedroom with two parrots. When not making art, I like going out dancing, drinking, and eating! I'm nonbinary, bi, demi+grey-asexual, neurodivergent, and disabled.
    rnQueer4queer, nonhierarchical polyam/relationship anarchy. Looking for queerplatonic and romantic connections.
  • 30 years old | Toronto, Canada

  • eyeballcu
  • I am a single Male looking for Male male female relationship.i am relatively new to this but its something I really want to do.hopefully to find a great lovable couple.
  • 46 years old | Groves, TX, USA

  • genderfluidjoey
  • I'm young and curious. I'm AFAB non binary, and looking for some love and affection. I'm not experienced in dating, and only looking for romantic relationships at the moment.
  • 19 years old | Tacoma, WA, USA

  • brielle
  • Hi, i'm Brielle
  • 20 years old | Conway, SC, USA

  • panjenn
  • 21 years old | Las Vegas, United States

  • jenny57719
  • 58 years old | Box Elder, United States

  • taizc4
  • 32 years old | Westminster, United States

  • rworwo
  • 38 years old | Onex, Switzerland

  • leannah
  • 37 years old | Mexico, United States

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