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Polyamorous Passions Members

  • antonfort
  • 34 years old | Bontang, Indonesia

  • glaudius
  • Could be something to like Interested to find out and explore...
  • 53 years old | Bainbridge, WA, USA

  • monark
  • I am married, but currently separated pending a divorce. I have 3 young daughters who are living in another state. I'm studying in a doctoral program to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. I am a nerd, and love science fiction, fantasy, cartoons, superhero movies, computer games and tabletop roleplaying games. I am an aspiring writer, with a few self-published works finished, including a fantasy...
  • 48 years old | Fresno, CA, USA

  • ulyssesiii
  • curiosity is killing me never been in this type of relation ship but would like to know more about how it works
  • 42 years old | Harrison, MI, USA

  • nerdyrockstar
  • Let's meet and nerd out together
  • I'm here to find dates with nerdy girls. You don't have to share my interests, just be passionate about yours and I'll be happy to listen. I'm hoping to find someone cool to chat with, then meet for coffee, dinner, picnics, walks, arcades, card games, whatever sounds fun to you. Not looking for someone to move in with me, not looking for casual sex, and not looking for a unicorn to "complete my...
  • 45 years old | Tacoma, WA, USA

  • brch
  • 68 years old | Mocksville, NC, USA

  • 1987phoenix
  • 0 years old | Long Island, NY, USA

  • nonmonoinboston
  • I'm in a partnered long term primary relationship; we live together. I "opened up" about ten years ago, and having a second relationship is important to me. There are many ways I enjoy sharing my affection, and only some of them are appreciated by my partner (and vice versa, of course.) I am touch oriented, she is not. I am a romantic at heart, she is logically oriented (not to say that I am illog...
  • 60 years old | Boston, MA, USA

  • blackvegan
  • I Love Polyamory
  • Monogamy is not natural And leads to relationship/marriage stress. I seek polyamorous, Vegan females, of any race, for a happy, stress-free love-filled Life together.
  • 48 years old | Phoenix, AZ, USA

  • triad4us
  • Stable secure couple searching for a sisterwife.
  • 39 years old | Washington, IL, USA

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