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Bisexual Cisgender Male
Polyamorous Passions Members

  • inferngrape
  • Intrigued
  • I have not officially but the topic is an intriguing one
  • 19 years old | Farmington Hills, MI, USA

  • lzrtaylor18
  • 33 years old | Binghamton, NY, USA

  • kjnorcal
  • I am a widowed bisexual Christian father looking to find a long term relationship with like minded adults.
  • 50 years old | Redding, CA, USA

  • luvmeplease19
  • I am getting up in age, and just now learning what I want in life. I am looking for a MMF situation. I consider myself more gay than straight, but I would also like to have biological kids someday (hopefully soon). I never know what to say on these sites due to over sharing, but hopefully this was not off-putting
  • 31 years old | Bradenton, FL, USA

  • deforedusty
  • I am looking for my partner/partners for life
  • 24 years old | Dayton, TN, USA

  • jbio
  • Educated outdoor professional seeking friends, lovers, Love or anywhere in between. Recently separated and orbit Flagstaff but travel extensively throughout SoCal, AZ, NV. I’m basically a comet seeking new solar systems to have a supportive network of friends and Love.
    rnI’m kind, witty, polite, and respectful of whatever your situation is and I ask for the same consideration.
  • 48 years old | Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  • limestargames
  • 25 years old | Pomona, NJ, USA

  • khornebestgirl
  • Hi there! I'm Caleb, I'm your average nerd, I love reading, music, movies, video games, cooking among other things. If you're looking for a friend I'd be happy to talk about anything!
  • 19 years old | Bark River, MI, USA

  • classicalfan
  • 40 years old | Columbia Heights, MN, USA

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