Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. West: A Love Story
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Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. West: A Love Story

Delilah Jo West

Monogamous relationships take work; how much harder can a polyamorous one be? Dolly, Sam and Mona seem fated to be together, but can the triad survive in the quiet, conservative town of Goose Creek Hollow? This is the story of their relationship in its infancy: three souls embarking on their new adventure in the unchartered waters of polygamy. This book explores the challenges and stigmas associated with poly, such as family, jealousy, open communication, sex and societal prejudice. Can love survive and overcome these challenges they must face? Follow the unfolding story as told by Dolly West, a middle-aged mom of three who risks everything to follow her heart. As a bonus, Dolly has included several recipes at the end of the book--you will understand why once you have read this whimsical account.

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